Join Our Team!

Heath at AOTC

We’re growing! If you’re passionate about photography, video, other media or the creative process, please keep reading and get in touch!

Are you…


  • Open to Seasonal/Part-time Work?
      We hope this position will be able to grow into a year-round, possibly full-time position in the future. You must be open to growth!
  • Passionate about Photography and/or Video Production?
      While photography and video skills aren’t necessary to join the RDP team, we hope to include someone who is passionate about and fascinated with the creative process.
  • Moved by Powerful Images and Stories?
      We want someone to join our team who truly understands the power of an image or video.
  • Driven by Accomplishing a Task Well?
      In other words, do you get a lot of satisfaction from completing a task to the best of your ability?
  • Techinically Inclined?
      While not necessary to join our team, it’s a plus if you are technically inclined and willing to learn more about our equipment!
  • A Team Player?
      We highly value team work and collaboration so definitely want to bring someone one board who enjoys working with a team.
  • Go with the Flow?
      We sometimes work long and unpredictable hours so being able to go with the flow is absolutely a necessity!
  • Dog friendly?
      We regularly have three awesome pups/office mascots hanging around so being comfortable around our furry four-legged friends is a must! Don’t worry, they’re all potty trained and super friendly!
Then you should get in touch!

Please email heath @ with your name, phone number, email, location, your talent (photography, video editing, etc.), and a portfolio or website if one is available.