Aerial Video

Aerial Video is an excellent tool to engage your audience and show them the full view of a property in a way that is just not possible from the ground. Aerial video is perfect for showing off sweeping mountain views, waterfalls, large spaces and getting close to homes or other property features that might otherwise be obstructed by trees. Our top of the line drones capture stunning video and images in places that would otherwise be inaccessible.

Up to one hour of time with aerial crew on property. Video views of the property edited into HD video approximately 1 minute long (variable) with music and property address title. If you are interested in having a video that not only includes aerials of the property but also cinematic video of the interior and a broker host element, check out our Premium Property Video Package. 

Price is for Transylvania, Henderson & Buncombe counties. Other locations will have additional charge, ask for details.
 *Prices do not include NC Sales Tax*

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