Our Team

Collaboration is a buzzword round this office. Research has shown that organized collaboration significantly improves the final product. Many of our projects are quick turn and others involve weeks of planning so no matter what size we make sure that multiple team members review every project before it is delivered.

Heath Cowart

Heath founded Residential Photography and Video in 2007 which grew into Real Digital Productions, LLC in 2011. In the preceding 5 years he had been a professional adventure sports photographer and real estate entrepreneur.

Heath never seems to run out of new ideas. Whether it is a new concept for a video, scripting, or new angles on marketing property.

Through constant research and refinement Heath has developed a unique system for producing high end residential photography and is currently pioneering new ground in real estate video production.



Heath’s roles on our team

  • Creative Director: New concepts and ideas for projects
  • Photographer and Cinematographer
  • Marketing
  • Ongoing communication with clients over projects
  • Collaboration with Photography and Video team
Melinda Hendershott

A huge part of the creative process is refinement of an original idea until it meets or exceeds our original vision, and Melinda specializes in turning ideas into finished products, delivered on time.

Melinda has been working in the real estate industry since the late 1990’s and has been a builder, property manager, broker, and investor before deciding to focus on media for marketing Real Estate in 2010.

Her ability to collaborate with our team, her experience both in Real Estate and media editing, and her don’t stop until it’s right work ethic allows her to turn good footage and images into highly refined products that are better than any of us ever conceived.


Melinda’s roles on our team

      • Production Manager: Oversees scheduling, editing and delivery of projects
      • Photographic and Video editing
      • Ongoing communication with clients over projects
      • Accounting
      • Collaboration with Photography and Video team



I’ve always been a believer of the quote “If you dream it, you can do it” by Walt Disney. I grew up playing with Legos and drawing fantasy illustrations (I had quite an over active imagination growing up). At the end of the day what strikes the most inspiration in me is knowing that anything is possible when you put your heart and mind behind it. So dream big.


Dan’s roles on our team

  • Cinematographer
  • Video Editing and Motion Graphics
  • Collaboration with Photography and Video team